Thursday, July 3, 2014

hubcap grill kemah.

Let's talk about some benefits of Twitter, guys. I love Twitter, I check it way too often, but sometimes it really is beneficial and not a waste of time. I'll give an example.

I've been obsessed with this particular burger - the Cheeto Burger at Hubcap Grill - for about a year now. It's just so good. But the Hubcap Grill's two locations have both been really hard for us to get to during the hours they are open (traffic.) So, I'd only been twice. But I dreamed about that burger all the time. So when I started following @Hubcap_Grill on Twitter I found out that they were opening a third location only 20 minutes from my house. They were Kemah Boardwalk bound! So I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, yesterday, the owner tweeted that if anyone wanted to come for a "Private VIP Tasting - on the house" today, naturally, I asked if super fans count as VIP? And he said YES.

Cue angels singing. Oh you guys. It was so good. As good as it has always been. It's not just that they put Cheetos on a burger, but every part of the burger is good. The bun? Excellent. The patty? Flavorful, juicy, seasoned to perfection. Then there's the cheese sauce and the actual Cheetos. I mean. Look, I know I like food way too much, but this burger deserves the hype I am giving it. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

houston art car parade.

Hooray you guys! I got to go see the Art Cars last weekend and it was quite the experience. This was one of the goals I put on my 26 things to do before I'm 27 list. I am slowly burning through it! I should not be so proud of myself this early in the game, but anyway... 

We went with the whole fam when my in-laws were visiting so we decided not to watch the actual parade but to go see the cars as they were parked along the street before the parade started. I think this worked out for the best. I took probably 100 pictures but I narrowed it down to just a few to show you here because nobody likes to scroll forever. 

As we walked around there was a lot of debating on whether each car was street legal or not. We decided most of them probably aren't but I do see some driving around Houston once in a while at other times of the year. 

What a good puppy! Jacob loves German Shepherds. There were a whole bunch of these uh, what to call them? Cholo cars. With hydraulics and crazy sound systems in the trunk and gorgeous sparkly paint jobs. They were a sight to see! It reminded me of that show Pimp My Ride. I loved that show. What do you think Xzibit is doing now? 

Then we have this scary fish thing?

A monster of sorts...

Just to give you an idea of the detail people put into this, a close-up of one of the cars. I mean, that must have taken for-ev-er. 

I'm glad I got to see them all in their parade day glory! It's one of those things that I probably don't need to do every year but maybe every few? 

There were a lot of people on roller blades there and it made me jealous. I used to roller blade all the time but I haven't broken mine out for a couple years, mostly because they are old (my mom's hand-me-downs!) and they hurt my feet now. Maybe I should get a new pair... 

Friday, May 9, 2014


This is my mom and me. Since it's almost Mother's Day I figured I should share this because I like to remember what my mom put up with (and still does!) I love her. I love all the moms! Moms are the best! Look how angry I am and look at her face! Haha. I guess that is going to be me in her shoes in six months. Yikes!

Watching: American Dream Builders! Jacob & I are loving that show every week. Also - we're behind on a lot of other shows right now but looking forward to this season of Catfish! It's like a car crash you can't look away from.

Reading: Jim Gaffigan - Dad is Fat - STILL. You guys I will never finish this book! I have about 1/4 left and it's funny but it's not like listening to his specials. Also since it's tons of small stories it's not exactly gripping. But I still like it and I'm not going to give up completely.

Listening To: A lot of throwback rap songs from high school. I'm just never gonna get sick of it! Ludacris forever.

Working On: Getting a Pretty Providence mobile friendly site built, keeping up with posts and other than that kind of just surviving. I have NO ENERGY. Hoping that in the next few weeks I'll have some again. This is my second trimester after all! What the heck?

Looking Forward To: Spending the weekend in Galveston with Jacob & family. I even bought a new hat to wear to the beach!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

ginger ale, crackers and so much milk.

I made this announcement all over the place last night and today on Pretty Providence, but if there is still someone out there who doesn't know - I'm going to have a baby! I can't actually call this post a bumpdate, but I guess if it is then it's the first. I'm due November 8th which puts me at about 3 months / 12.5 weeks right now. I am so freaking excited to be growing a baby! We were trying to conceive for almost a full year before we were blessed with this pregnancy, but I didn't get too discouraged. I knew that it would happen eventually, or that if it didn't then we would adopt. I always had peace about that. Maybe I'll write more on it later. It's so weird though, after we found out that we were going to have a baby the "will we conceive" worries were replaced with "will the baby be healthy" worries. Sheesh. I've mostly tabled them but they'll always be there I suppose.

Here is us the day we found out. I made Jacob take a picture with me outside in the cold so we'd have something to remember that day. I wanted to wait to tell people but I also wanted to shout the news from the rooftops! I wanted to call my mom and ask her all the questions I could think of but I also wanted to surprise her in April when we went to visit. After the initial surprise went away, I stayed excited but didn't feel good so I just survived. I drank a ton of ginger ale and lived off that and ritz crackers alone for weeks! Usually I would feel okay enough to eat some kind of lunch but other meals weren't happenin'. There's nothing like being so hungry you could eat a horse, yet thinking about food makes you gag. Quite the experience. Did I mention I got an aversion to Diet Dr. Pepper? I guess it's a good thing because I didn't have to worry about having too much caffeine. 

Below is my first bump picture. We took it at 11 weeks, a few days before we headed to Utah to tell the family. I mostly wanted a "before" picture because I didn't think I was showing at all, but now that I look at it there is definite curve there. Not that my stomach was completely flat before, but that's mostly new.  The family announcement will get another post by itself. It was fun!

I feel like my bump looks bigger than it actually was here, but maybe I'm just in denial. It depends on what I'm wearing day to day! The photo below is me just a few days ago, and it is definitely peeking out below that Nothing Bundt Cake! Speaking of cake, I've craved sweets and milk mostly. I usually won't drink milk unless I'm eating cookies too, and no DDP is available. Since about week 8 I've been drinking a ton of milk. I think something like a quart a day. I can't get enough of that calcium apparently! 

I probably won't do bumpdates weekly but just when I feel like it... I do hope to take a picture a week just for my own documentation because I want to watch in disbelief as my belly expands!

We are so happy.